Rome colony of Sardinia


The book “Rome Colony of Sardinia” has been written in memory of Francesco (Kaiku) Fais, passionate about Sardinian History and Culture. Bartolomeo Bèrtulu Porcheddu’s work, a melting pot in which history, linguistics, and archeology merge, has been translated into English by Maria Antonietta Meloni and into Sardinian by Bèrtulu Porcheddu himself.

The project, completely carried out in Sardinia, was conceived to spread ancient Sardinian civilization around the world. The text is structured in 12 chapters and consists of 448 pages. 1250 footnotes provide detailed bibliographical references, citing sources from ancient authors and modern writers’ works.

More than one hundred dedicated images frame the volume, in which the author highlights the dominion held by the Sardinian people in the ancient Mediterranean basin from the Neolithic to the end of the Bronze Age. As in a puzzle, piece by piece, he progressively recomposes the close relationship between Rome and Sardinia.

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